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Forget the Score and Play the Customer Service Game!

The Net Promoter Score is awesome. Not only does it indicate growth but it shows you how you are faring against your competitors. But the single most important thing about that score? It’s not that important! (GASP) I know, it’s a crazy thing to say but hear me out. Your Net Promoter score at a glance is a great litmus test, but it doesn’t always tell the story of your customers and what they truly think about your service. Paying more attention to the why of a score and not just the score itself can lead to a truly great level of customer engagement. I am going to show you what systems you can put in place to sort through, respond to and make the most of all your Detractor, Passive and Promoter replies. Your Net Promoter feedback and how you manage it can make your customer interactions shine! So read on and become the bacon to your Customers’ BLT.

First let’s look at your Net Promoter categories from a new perspective. Detractors, they’re not so bad! In fact they can actually become some of your biggest Promoters. Yes you heard me right, those nay sayers might just be your future customer BFFs. And instead of just brushing the Passives aside, or putting all your love into Promoters, go ahead and dig a little to find the reasons these folks are giving the score they are. Is your ‘Passive’ actually in love with your product but one of those folks that just refuses to give high scores, no matter how good of a job you do? Mr. Jones from 9th grade Science I’m looking at you! Consider every response from a Detractor, Passive and Promoter free advice from the folks that matter the most, your customers. And to sort through all these wise words is just a matter of putting systems in place to respond, react and stop of getting hung up on that darn score. Your customers will love you for it!

I know what you’re thinking, you’re a busy man/woman/cyborg and don’t have hours a day to call, email or reply to all this customer feedback. But you don’t have to reinvent the Customer Service wheel here! Just remember these three magic words: Keywords, Protocol, Monitoring.

First figure out what keywords are going to matter to you in your customer replies. Lucky for you WebPunch’s software can not only highlight these words but track if they are being used in a negative or positive light. You – the Customer Service Ninja that you are – can then respond accordingly! Even cooler? If you see the same keywords used in a not so great way over and over, well it’s probably time to rethink tweaking that part of what you do. You’ll continue to reach out to your Promoters for reviews since well, they freaking love you. But now you know to search for what may be your super fans hidden in the Passive group. See where I’m going here? Great, we are making progress!

So you are officially the Customer Service hero. You realize that every customer matters, those Detractors should be given a second chance and are able to make sense of it all fast and easy using WebPunch. So now that? This is the Protocol part where you put systems in place to make your reactions personal and special to your company or service. What is your plan for delighting your Promoters and how can you tie it back to what they said about you and what is personal to them as a customer? Who will be your ‘Pick up the Phone Rockstar’ that reaches out to Detractors and how will you use their feedback / re-survey them to be better at what it is you do? Don’t worry we can help you figure this part out too.

What with all these customer types, categories and snippets of feedback you’ve got a lot to monitor. WebPunch helps you make sense of and organize all this customer data. Monitoring keywords and trends customers as a group might be telling you will help your team make moves for improvement. You know that customers appreciate knowing that they were heard but even more so that you listened and did something. Imagine reaching back out to a customer to let them know that you heard them and made improvements on a specific topic. It’s the ultimate love letter to a customer! Just without all the hearts and flower doodles.

So take a step back from that Net Promoter Score and to start really listening. Your Detractors, Passives and Promoters are people who not only took the time to give you their feedback but have got something they want you to hear. Doing this will uncover some great stuff, maybe some not so good stuff but all of it leads to ways for you to improve and engage. Customer Service is a never ending opportunity to be better, make customers happy, to grow, succeed and pretty much take over the world. WebPunch Promise!