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Talk to Customers THEIR Way and Never Look Back!

We all get in those habits: Pre-populated emails, ‘call this line’ for help, shortcuts here and there that SHOULD make things easier and faster for all, right? We think we are totally helping out our customers since all these channels = Hey look at us, we are available for you! But if our customer wants to hear from you one way and you don’t reply accordingly, you are potentially ruining that relationship. Now that customers have all sorts of ways – email, social media, text, your Aunt Flo perhaps!- to reach out, well we should match their efforts. Here’s what I mean and how you can make your customers crazy happy.

Speak their Language

This tip is pretty literal! The example comes from HomeTeam Inspection who received a message from a Customer in Spanish. They are a predominantly Engligh speaking company so what were they to do?  As they put it we “Had a client that wrote a review in Spanish, so we made sure our response was written in English and Spanish (we…had a response translated in less than 24 hours).” Now that’s what we call talking to your customers right!




Talk the Talk. Their Talk.

You know how you call a friend with an important matter and they just text you back? Which is INFURIATING? The same applies to your customers! If a client emails you for an appointment, don’t call them back to schedule the appointment- email them. Communicate the way they want to be communicated with and use the method of communication they used to communicate you with. Make it about what is better for them, vs what is better for you and what your protocols are.

Surprise! Social Media IS Customer Service

Say you open up your Twitter feed and see a customer has messaged or written a public tweet with a problem. It might be easy to reach out and say ‘hey we hear you please call our Customer Service line to resolve.’ Yikes! This person who is SO comfortable using Twitter now has to go through one, two, who KNOWS how many steps to solve their issue? Not a chance bud. As @ginashrek CEO of SocialKNX.com says “No reply on social media from your brand is like screaming “WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!”

This stuff may seem easy, but it also might mean taking a look at how your teams are reaching out and responding to customers. The first step is making sure people have a place to be heard! But it’s equally as important to make sure they can reach you AND get an appropriate response in the same channel back. And please, don’t text us about it…