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How to Have a Failproof Houzz Keyword and Photo Strategy

How do you get noticed on Houzz? Besides doing great work and providing awesome service (because we know you’ve got that part down) standing out on the site is a huge part of it! Houzz as a review website is seriously cool – think HGTV meets Angie’s List meets every home catalog that you drool over regularly. We love how the General Contractors, Landscapers and other service providers on Houzz are given the forum to post beautiful profiles with high res images and yes, of course, reviews from clients! Houzz has given its users all they need to stand out – so now it’s up to you to make sure you do! But did you know? Elevating your Houzz Profile also requires utilizing a solid Keyword Strategy to align with all the great photos you upload and to get the right people to your profile. Let’s walk you through it.

First, of course, comes setting up your initial profile. Houzz does an awesome job of helping you through the process of uploading photos, choosing project titles and more – so we won’t repeat them. They’re the pros after all! What we do want to help you with is your Houzz Keyword Strategy. So before you do anything take a look at Houzz’ guide to starting your own profile here

As you’ll soon find Houzz is pretty darn intuitive when it comes down to setting up your Basic Info and all your Projects. But it’s important to understand the scope of your Houzz Profile before you get started. When someone checks you out on Houzz they will see the following right off the bat:

  • Your main profile picture
  • Your Business Info
  • Projects you’ve worked on (organized by category)


Here’s the thing: you may have already noticed that there A LOT of professionals on Houzz. Over a million according to Houzz stats! We told you (by way of this blog title) that Keywords and Photos are important when setting up your Profile, and that’s just what we mean to help you with! PS There is a handy dandy worksheet at the end of this article that will help you set up your strategy. Plug, Play and get Houzzing!



If you are a landscape architect your projects may be a list along the lines of “waterfall installation, xeriscaping, or backyard fence.” Post Projects that reflect the work you do and do well! You should figure out what top 3-5 keywords per project make the most sense and title them that. Hint: What do your customers call you for the most, what do you specialize in?



With every project you decide to upload you’re going to find a few specifics to fill out that will help your customer understand what to expect in the photos/what it is you do. This part is, well, key! By adding 3-5 keywords that reflect what the photos will show a user can more easily find you by way of this project. It’s just like how Google works – the more appropriate and relevant the keyword the better. Best Practice: only include Keywords that will apply to every photo that you’ll then go ahead and include in that project. You will enter that info at the bottom of the upload page as you can see below.



STEP 3: Upload, Edit, Repeat! You should be perfecting and updating your Houzz projects and photos regularly. The more work you have to show (with relevant keywords).

Guess What? You are SO ready to plan out your keyword strategy! You can go to THIS GOOGLE DOC then copy and paste then edit to make a game plan for your Houzz All-Star Profile!