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Responding to Reviews on Google: Do this and Watch Rankings climb!

Let’s talk Google Rankings

There are plenty of reasons to respond to all your customer reviews (if you need a quick reminder why, just look here and here). It’s an awesome way to connect with customers, see what your reviewers are saying and from a web perspective get ranked like WAY high. Here’s something interesting we’ve been hearing though: if you respond with a keyword you are trying to rank for (ex: Auto Repair) then put that in your review! Also put the name of your business or more specifically the name you use for your online listings. Easy right? And it could help get you better Google Rankings without any effort at all!

Why this helps when responding to reviews: okay we’ve got to keep it real with you. We’ve heard this might work from a few clients as well as from Google reps. It’s definitely worked on rankings for a day or two but not long term YET. That doesn’t mean it won’t change things, and heck maybe it won’t. But it’s totally easy, looks good on your profile in general and shux can’t hurt!

Here’s an example:


“Dear Kate,

We are thrilled that you love your new brakes and that we were to able to accomplish the work within a few hours. It was a pleasure working with you and please let us know if you can help you with any future auto repairs ← keyword!



Acme Brakes Plus ← Name of Business!”

Easy, right? And most likely something you’re already doing. Make it a habit and you’ve got a potential chance of ranking your awesome biz even higher. So get to work!