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5 Ways to Jump Start your Social Media Presence

It’s time to kick your Social Media game into high gear. And we’ve got you covered!


1. Less ‘viral buzz’ more ‘customer love!’

As managers of our Social Media Accounts we sometimes find ourselves spending all our energy trying to find the ‘funniest’ post, most pop culture relevant tweet or we inevitably revert to the ever loved kitten pic. Hey, I’ve done it too! But what we forget is that our social media channels can often are the best place to engage with our customers and have an actual conversation. Social Media give us opportunities to listen, chat, hear, respond and create new relationships and communities. So use your Social Media time to actually talk to people instead of just posting pics of golden retrievers in a kiddie pool. Well maybe do both…


2. Don’t spread yourself too Social Media thin

There are some crazy amazing social media platforms out there and the list will forever be growing – beyond Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (aka the Mirepoix of Social Media) you’ve got your tried and true YouTube and Google + and then beyond that there are platforms like Periscope, Yik Yak, Bebo, Slideshare even Snapchat. Each platform has plenty of opportunity and a plethora of fun features, but unless it makes sense to your clients or potential customers don’t bother. You’ve got enough to manage so although it’s tempting and fun to take videos and snaps and vines you should Instead pick what works for your business and focus on the channels that will be seen and that are effective communicators.


3. Have #nofear

I’m about to totally contradict myself, but it’ll make sense promise. I want you to have No Fear when playing the Social Media game. This means you should try new things, experiment and keep doing just that over and over again. Sometimes ‘trends’ and what sticks are totally predictable while other times you try a new Social tactic and it gets a crazy great response out of nowhere! As long as you are always be true your brand, authentic and honest then you


4. Play the Game

I don’t need Social Media you say. My customers don’t care if I tweet or post and I like to do things the old fashioned way. If Facebook existed in 1908 Henry Ford would have been all over it. It’s not ‘selling out’ or being less pure of a business to dive into social media. Instead it’s a way to connect customers, get feedback, help each other and really create a community. Not engaging on Social Media would mean missing out on so many potential clients and pretty awesome interactions. If you don’t have a Social Media presences hire someone/bribe a friend’s kid to get things going or tackle it yourself. Social Media engagement is a must if you want your business to continue to thrive and grow.


5. Commit all your time some of the time

Once you start getting all up in the Social Media game well, like a game, it can be addicting! You could stay up all night for a week finding new twitter friends, creating Social Media Contests and so on but it’s a waste of time and energy if you aren’t engaging with the right folks. Make a Social Media plan, set up notifications so you can talk to customers when they message you, and give yourself time to NOT be on Social Media. You know, talk to a human take a walk that kind of crazy stuff.