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Focus on Self Service, Create the Perfect Customer Experience

Delight your Customers with “Easy”

We recently talked about ‘Delighting your Customers’ and why the strategy is not a good way to garner customer loyalty. Dang you might say! “That’s an integral party of part of our customer service strategy!” This advice doesn’t necessarily mean you need to scrap all of the fun giveaways or rewards for awesome customers. Instead the point (backed up by these smart people) is that your most loyal customers look to you for a pretty awesome customer experience which equals the following: ease of use and ability to self serve when interacting with your company.

What we mean by Self Service

Webster’s more ‘modern’ definition of self-service is this: “allowing or requiring customers to serve themselves without help from workers which totally makes sense! Self Service is simply when a customer can find a piece of information, answer a question or solve a problem with minimal steps and effort. From the little issues like ‘hours of operation’ to ‘where is my bill’ or even more complicated ‘this product arrived broken!’ You might look at these issues and think everything from ‘yeah I know exactly where my customers can find that information,’ ‘yikes that might take a number of emails or calls over a series of days,’ or somewhere in between.

What to do to improve the Self Service of your business:


1. Find out what help your customers need/look for help with the most

Chances are this information can be found in your reviews. WebPunch actually analyzes reviews and determines keywords people are looking for help with the most. You can, with this information, determine where you are kicking butt and where you need to focus some energy.


2. Analyze each and every page on your website, is it obvious where to find help?

Chances are you’re so ingrained in your own website that you might not even see what’s missing or what could be improved. Take a new look as a ‘customer with x issue’ and then see what you can change.


3. Do you have a FAQ page and if so how often are people visiting it?

Check out your Google Analytics and see how often people are visiting your FAQ pages. Does this mean it’s working? Or are you people not clicking on the actually Question and you are still getting a ton of customer service calls


4. What are your customer service reps saying?

First off do you have a way to track what questions your reps are getting the most?  And beyond that what are the most prominent issues, what do you need to solve the most and from there what can you add to your website or customer review pages that will help, like, a LOT!


5. Enable customers for the future

This is a much bigger fish to fry than we’ll be summing up here, but the idea is this: when you or any employees are solving a problem, are you just solving that one problem or are you helping them through this issue and then the (likely) few issues that might come up down the pipeline.

Okay we’ve given you plenty to think about. The first step is listening to your customers and from there you can make moves! And WebPunch is plenty ready to help you do that. Reach out to us to see what customers think, why they love (or maybe see improvement in) your service. Get going already!