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Thumbtack: The New and Improved Angie’s List

Get ready to pin up your reputation, because we’re with Thumbtack.

Their message: Thumbtack is the easiest way to hire local professionals for absolutely anything you need done.

In 2009, one of the company’s founders asked, “It’s 2009…Why is it still so hard to hire a plumber?” Thumbtack was founded that same year as a place where people can go to hire local service providers for absolutely anything; think Angie’s list, but better. Thumbtack is artistically designed and inspiring.

Sounds pretty loaded for a marketplace for services, right? Well, it is. To us, it looks and feels like more than a website; it acts as a genuine resource for both service providers and consumers. From the intuitive website layout to how you choose your service, to the informative material, Thumbtack is taking the online marketplace to the next level.



It was launched by three friends who wanted to bridge that gap between service-providers and those who need services during a time when the owners felt that wasn’t happening.

Despite being advised not to, they offered all service categories in all geographies in the U.S. when they first opened their digital doors. They took a plunge. They made (and still make) bold, ambitious moves that they say border on insanity. In the beginning, Thumbtack struggled to survive, but now they are flourishing. It’s that enterprising mentality that has gotten them to where they are today and continues to drive them where they want to go.

Today, the company has 250,000 active, paying professionals in their database which is more than Yelp and Angie’s List combined, according to Thumbtack. There are 1,000 categories and there are Thumbtack pros in every U.S. county and they’ve only hit about 1% of the $700 billion market they are in. In other words, Thumbtack is growing.



They pride themselves in the struggle and risk-taking that molded the company from the get-go. It’s what keeps pushing them today to go after their dreams, grow their business, and accomplish even more.

That struggle, along with a genuine interest in the entrepreneur, reflects in their immediate presentation. On the Thumbtack website, consumers can peruse through some well-curated photography organized by category when choosing the service they need.

They offer just about everything from furniture assembly and handyman services to personal training and wedding planning. If you need to get something done, Thumbtack most likely has someone that can do it for you.



When you click on the service, you’ll go through a series of easy-to-answer questions so that Thumbtack can pinpoint exactly what you want (we are fans of this process!). Finally, Thumbtack will request an email and your full name in order to send you a few quotes for what you need to have done.

Another thing that we think really sets Thumbtack above the rest is their stories. They’ve taken some of their professionals’ stories and highlighted them into beautifully created short films on their website. One tells the story about a Brooklyn woman who was finally able to pursue her dream as a personal chef with Thumbtack. Another is about a locksmith in Arizona who can support his family with help from getting work through Thumbtack. Another story is about a photographer from the Bronx and yet another, a pet sitter from Florida.

Sure the videos are promotional pieces for Thumbtack’s services, however, they go beyond just trying to sell a product. The stories get at the heart of these freelancers and entrepreneurs who have built businesses from nothing and are now able to be successful doing what they love.

Update your business listings online with Thumbtack, the latest and greatest online marketplace for service-providers. We’ll be following Thumbtack regularly because we are believers! Check out their website here for some inspiration and to see if they work with your business model; we think that  you and Thumbtack will be a snug fit.