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Why You Need Air, Food, Shelter and Customer Feedback


Do you remember junior high? There were cliques – jocks, bookworms, cool kids and in my case, plenty of Vanilla Ice to get the party started. Another thing I remember learning about in junior high is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In 1943, Abraham Maslow developed a theory: a person’s fundamental needs such as food, water, safety, and love must be met before he can eventually devote himself to a greater cause – like volunteering for a dunk-tank at a local fundraiser.  If a man can’t feed himself, the dunk-tank option isn’t going to be on his to-do list.

Businesses need customers to survive.

These customers bring money which is the lifeblood of any company in today’s world. Businesses can use this money to expand operations, enrich product offerings, increase marketing efforts and take their company to the next level. In Maslow’s model, the highest level is called self-transcendence, which means giving oneself to a higher goal outside of oneself. Translating this level into business terms might be using your company to help improve your community or contributing to help solve a global problem. Again, companies that struggle to make payroll aren’t going to have the resources to cure the world of polio-like Bill Gates did with Microsoft.

An essential ingredient in getting to that next business level is listening to the voice of your customer. Here are 4 examples of how customer feedback will help you grow your business.


1. Improve Your Product or Service

Products and services are there to fill the needs of customers. By targeting reccurring trends, listening to your customers and considering both what they like and dislike about your company, you will be able to improve and expand what you are offering your clients.

2. Keep Your Customers

When customers realize that you are listening to them and making changes based on their needs and wants, they will want to continue to do business with you. Regularly surveying your clients is a great way to keep track of their loyalty, brand experience and any changes in sentiment towards your company. Since you will be monitoring your customers’ feedback, you can mitigate any negative feelings by continuing to listen to them and express gratitude for their loyalty.

3. Identify Your Clients

Utilizing marketing tools is best done when you know who your market is. Customer feedback can pinpoint exactly who your most loyal customers are, find those clients who have mixed feelings about your business and even detect the individuals who hate your guts. Armed with this knowledge, you can develop campaigns and initiate efforts to send the right marketing messages to bring everyone back into the fold and make them all feel appreciated and happy.

4. Make Things Better

Customer feedback is a powerful device that can make processes and customer experiences better. Customers are able to identify aspects of your business that are wonky and inconvenient. Listen to your customers – make things easier, more useful and customize your processes to better fit their needs.

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