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Your Reputation and the Elephant in the Room

When people think of their reputation, often times they think of consumer reviews that have been posted to popular directories like Facebook, Yelp and Google+ etc. Business owners are right to think these directories will impact their reputation but you’re online credibility is more than this. When you think of your reputation, think of every way your company impacts the community it serves. One important component that is often overlooked is the message being spread by former and current employees of your enterprise.

Websites like Glassdoor.com and indeed.com offer review platforms where your business is rated and measured by your employees. These reviews are important to the reputation of your business and here’s why.

Hiring quality people that support the many facets a business is a task that can make or break a company. According to an article written in Forbes in March of 2014, a survey given to fortune 500 HR professionals revealed, “75% are struggling to attract and recruiting the top people they need.” As a business owner who has made the mistake of hiring the wrong person for the job, I can attest to the pain and difficulty associated with this kind of error. When prospective workers see that many of your current and past staff members had horrible experiences, they will likely seek other employment options.

Another important reason to pay attention to employee reviews is that potential customers will search for your business to verify your reputation. It won’t reflect well on your organization if they see that your staff is treated poorly and are generally unhappy. Happiness as well as unhappiness can be contagious sentiments and consumers aren’t looking to spend their dollars in oppressive and malcontented environments when there are other options available.

At WebPunch, we strive to put smiles on faces both with our clients and also those that truly are the backbones of everything that we do, our people! Use our feedback tool to understand what type of experience your employees are having with your brand and then deploy our review generation tool to get those employees to spread the good word about you. Remember, your reputation is influenced by everyone that your happy company touches. When you use WebPunch, you knock out the competition, one review at a time!