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Google is one step closer to restoring review functionality

We are one step closer to having reviews and responses back on Google! After a two-week suspension of many of their business-focused services due to COVID-19, Google is now allowing business owners to respond to reviews that were posted before the service was turned off. This is a terrific step forward, as it allows WebPunch to begin replying to reviews that were on your page before Google disabled the review response function. 

Right now, it appears that Google users are able to leave reviews for businesses once more, though the reviews are not currently showing publicly. Only the reviewer who wrote it can see their review in their account, but Google My Business’ FAQs section states “Over the coming weeks, new user reviews… will be available. Their availability will gradually expand by country and business category.” This means that while a user can write a review now, it will show up in the coming weeks. 

At this time, reviews that were posted in the past two weeks are still not visible to the public and responses can’t yet be made due to the limitation of Google services. Rest-assured, WebPunch is monitoring your GMB page each day and looking out for when reviews will start appearing publicly on your page.

The WebPunch team wants you to know that we are keeping an eye on these day-to-day changes, and the moment we learn something new, we will pass this information along to you. We are proud to support your business and will keep you updated. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or need our help.