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4 Reasons why your Angie’s List Business Listing isn’t showing!

Did you create a profile for your Business Listing on Angie’s list, recently but you’re still not coming up in search results? Or maybe you’re a consumer looking for the best . . .um . . .  caricature artist in town. You know the guy you’re looking for is on that dang list, but he’s just not coming up.

Well there’s reason why your Business Listings isn’t showing up in search results — 4 reasons to be exact:

1 Angie’s List switches up the search results


If you typed “caricature artist” into the search bar, Blarney Bogus may have come up last week but he isn’t this week. What’s that about? Angie’s List says they shuffle up your results every time you search a category. Check out the following pages to see if your desired goofy-picture drawer is on one of those.


2 They May Not Have Reviews Yet (!!)


We think this one is kind of crazy! Angie’s List is a bit more selective than other review platforms because it has a lot of perks and requires businesses and individuals to create memberships. That being said, a business may have a profile on AL, but they won’t come up on any search results until it is vetted with a review. So do your part on the consumer side of things and get out there and review your favorite businesses + get those reviews so we can all go visible. It takes a village!


3 They May Not Service Your Area


Angie’s List is all about connecting businesses with their local market. If you’re looking for Blarney Bogus in your area, but he’s moved to the other side of the state, he’s not going to come up on your search list. However, if you feel there is an error, AL does suggest emailing them with any geographical corrections.


4 The Provider Could Be On a Different List


Businesses on Angie’s List are separated into a few different categories which can sometimes cause complications, especially when search terms can get mixed up between two categories. Angie’s List gives a good example: “If you’re searching for ‘House Doctor’ and not ‘Dr. House,’ click Angie’s provided filters of home, yard, auto, pets and more to eliminate healthcare providers from your results.”

So, what to do as a Business Owner? There’s a few things you can do to on their Angie’s List profile to make sure their Business Listing is invited to the search party.

  • First of all—we think most importantly—get vetted, ASAP. We want you to do it the right way though. Don’t go doing it yourself or have a family member do it. Encourage customers that found you through Angie’s List to review your business because once you get a review you are much more likely to come up in the search results, like 100% more likely. And from there, it’s of course still important to keep building your review count.
  • Double check your profile’s location so you can get local customers on the phone or through your doors. That’s much better than answering the phone all day telling people “nope, we don’t service that area” and wondering why you’ve been saying that all day.
  • Finally, make sure your business is listed correctly so that when people do search for “Home Service” or “Healthcare” you’ll be there, well reviewed, in the right city and open for business!

Do Angie’s List right!