5 Ways to Jump Start your Social Media Presence

It’s time to kick your Social Media game into high gear. And we’ve got you covered!   1. Less ‘viral buzz’ more ‘customer love!’ As managers of our Social Media Accounts we sometimes find ourselves spending all our energy trying to find the ‘funniest’ post, most pop culture relevant tweet or we inevitably revert to the ever […]

Responding to Reviews on Google: Do this and Watch Rankings climb!

Let’s talk Google Rankings There are plenty of reasons to respond to all your customer reviews (if you need a quick reminder why, just look here and here). It’s an awesome way to connect with customers, see what your reviewers are saying and from a web perspective get ranked like WAY high. Here’s something interesting […]

Top 3 Reasons why Delighting your Customers is Wrong

There are better ways to win Loyal Customers.   Reason 1 – Your delighted customers are still important, but are they valuable? The Ritz Carlton is notorious for great service and customer experience and there is a story that’s gone viral epitomizing just that: a family staying at a Florida Ritz checks out and their young […]

How to be Human: Respond to Reviews with Sincerity & Success

Responding to Online Reviews with Sincerity and Success As a business owner, this question comes up almost every day: How should I respond to online reviews? You’ve got plenty of resources telling you this or that, do’s and dont’s. Should you follow those guides to the tee or march to the beat of your own […]

Removing Reviews with Foul Language on Facebook, Google and Yelp

Your step by step guide to getting a review with foul or nasty language removed from Facebook, Google or Yelp. Know that it’s pretty hard to get a review taken down unless it truly aligns with the review forum’s guidelines. But if that’s the case – here’s what to do!

Beware the Stepford Wives! Reviews that are too good to be true

You’re just too good to be true…even when it comes to your business reviews! A common misconception when managing your online reviews is that getting all 5 star reviews is the end goal. Getting great reviews is definitely a top priority since it means your customers love you! But with anything in life moderation is […]

Facebook Unofficial Pages, They’re a Problem!

Facebook Unofficial Pages are real and they can wreak havoc on your online reputation. These pages are coming from one of two avenues: a Facebook user creates a page with the name of your business that exists in tandem with your official page, or a page gets created by Facebook because you don’t currently have […]

Change your Online Reputation Before your Customers do it for you

Your online reputation starts before customer reviews are posted, but are you paying attention? Doing so doesn’t mean you have to spend hours scouring the web. You just have to listen, organize and tackle those conversations, and first determine what it is you’ll do with what to do with what you find.

Forget the Score and Play the Customer Service Game!

The Net Promoter Score is awesome. Not only does it indicate growth but it shows you how you are faring against your competitors. But the single most important thing about that score? It’s not that important! (GASP) I know, it’s a crazy thing to say but hear me out. Your Net Promoter score at a […]