Twitter Verification: Should your Small Business try to Verify?

Should you try to Verify Twitter for your Business? For the longest time the only Twitter Accounts that could earn that pretty blue and white Badge or verification were the real high profile ones. Accounts like the CDC @CDCGov or Oprah @Oprah (yeah and @KimKardashian…surprised?).

Consumers, Small Business and Yelp: The Free Speech Controversy

Yelp and Free Speech No doubt your business has a Yelp profile. Consumers check that before deciding to go to you for what they need. But what type of transparency is there for consumers as to what online reviews have been removed by Yelp, which ones stay up but could be phony reviews, and if […]

5 Sites that use Customer Reviews Authentically

Pop Quiz: Today’s consumer makes decisions to choose a service or product based on what?   If you said Customer Reviews then (ding ding ding) you’re right! 90% of consumers say that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Potential customers can seek out […]

Customer Feedback is shaping your Brand. Are you paying attention?

Customer Feedback is Shaping your Brand Traditional marketing has, in the past, been a series of very prescribed messages and controlled delivery over an email, website or social outlet. But these messages are less and less believable. Consumers today are veering away from those tailored messages and instead going straight to Customer Feedback.

What’s great/Not so great with Google’s New Local Search

Two weeks ago we talked about how Google Local Search is now incorporating Ads in the top listings that comes up during a local search. Today we share what that actually looks like on your device, and how you can get your Business Listing on board.

Yelp has gone Pokemon Go crazy too!

Can your Business jump on the Pokemon Craze? Pokemon Go is all the rage. And now the juggernaut Online Review Site Yelp has updated their review search filters to get on board. You can search for services that are close to a Poke Stop so you can now spend your Saturday running errands, grabbing lunch and catching […]

Angie’s List is Now Free!

Online Reviews on Angie’s List now visible for Free Angie’s List, the popular website for finding, hiring and reviewing local businesses is now free to join! Since it’s founding in 1995 the service has always been paywall protected. Consumers weren’t able to see online reviews and local service providers couldn’t get on the site without […]

Google Monetizes Business Listings; The Maps they are a-changing!

Local Search will never be the same, and here’s why: Now when a consumer searches for business listings on Google, say for ‘kangaroo daycare’ they’ll be presented with an ad-driven result before the rest of the organic business listings. As a business owner this means a couple of things: 1. You now have an opportunity to […]

Forget the Bikini Bod, it’s Mobile Ready Season!

Summer is in full swing which means now more than ever people are ditching their desktops and using their smartphones to connect, shop and find what they need. Mobile used to be “the future of business”, but now it’s the norm! And people on the go need to find your business and info fast and […]

Focus on Self Service, Create the Perfect Customer Experience

Delight your Customers with “Easy” We recently talked about ‘Delighting your Customers’ and why the strategy is not a good way to garner customer loyalty. Dang you might say! “That’s an integral party of part of our customer service strategy!” This advice doesn’t necessarily mean you need to scrap all of the fun giveaways or […]