Apple’s iOS 14: Changes Coming to Ratings and Reviews in Apple Maps

Each year, Apple fans wait with eager anticipation for the new iOS to become available for download on the iPhone. This year, iOS 14 has arrived with some really great new features, including customizable home screens, leading to many Apple fans showing off what they’ve done to theirs with their newfound superpowers (while Android users […]

Dear Yelp, You Have Your Head Up Your A$$ (Part 2)

Dear Yelp, Last week some of our clients were visiting Denver and I took them out for lunch. It seemed the perfect opportunity to conduct a Yelp experiment so I made sure that my Yelp app was installed and ready to go. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I was asked some detailed questions such as, […]

VIDEO: Yelp’s Bark is Bigger than its Bite

Happy summer, everyone. It’s Matt Jones, your Review and Reputation Management Specialist, here to talk to you about everyone’s favorite directory that we like to hate, and that is Yelp. Several months ago, as most of you are aware, Yelp came out with a change to their policy. And the change said, “If you’re a […]

VIDEO: Yelp is Killing Today’s Referral

  Welcome, my beloved students, to WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. I am your professor, as always, Matt Jones, here to drop some knowledge about the latest in online reputation management. Let’s get into a few things here. Number one, where the heck have we been? That’s a good question. We haven’t done a […]

Yelp is Killing Today’s Referral

 Today’s online reviews are yesterday’s word of mouth referrals. But one review site you may have heard of called Yelp could be ruining that.

How to Set Up Your Business Listing on Yelp

So we’ve told you about Disappearing Reviews on Yelp and have shown you the Hierarchy of Yelp from the standpoint of consumers; but all of this is meaningless if your business hasn’t made its way to Yelp. Let’s backtrack a bit – we want to let you know why WebPunch believes that your business needs […]

Yelp Filters Reviews for These Users [VIDEO]

Make sure your Yelp views do not get filtered and put into Yelp’s “Not Recommended” folder. I’m Matt Jones, I’m your professor of reputation knowledge and I’m here to talk to you more about that. If you’re a business owner, one of your biggest complaints on Yelp is that you get reviews on Yelp, but […]

Yelp’s Not Currently Recommended Folder

Let’s talk about Yelp! So…Your company has been doing great work and your satisfied customers want to post a great review for your company on Yelp. Fantastic! Satisfied Customer posts her 5-star review on Yelp and goes her merry way, never considering the possibility that the review may disappear. And why should she? Her job […]