Avoid So-Called “Reputation Defenders” Like This!

Remember when you were young, and you would use words and phrases that were cool among you and your friends, then suddenly, you caught your parents using the lingo? Every ounce of cool it once had disappeared in an instant, and you knew that it was time to find another word or phrase. Sometimes, the […]

How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Well, it finally happened: you Googled your company only to find out that your star rating isn’t as shiny as you thought it would be. There are mixed reviews. There are bad reviews. As a business owner, it’s hard not to see red or feel disappointed when someone has written unsavory characterizations about your company. […]

What We Can Learn From Highly Reviewed Industries

In today’s increasingly digital world, online reviews are the lifeblood of every business. Consumers are becoming more wary of which brands they use. Without reviews attached to business, regardless of true quality, a customer will probably not even look beyond the landing page. Online reviews drive customers to a business’ website, generating more traffic and […]

Apple’s iOS 14: Changes Coming to Ratings and Reviews in Apple Maps

Each year, Apple fans wait with eager anticipation for the new iOS to become available for download on the iPhone. This year, iOS 14 has arrived with some really great new features, including customizable home screens, leading to many Apple fans showing off what they’ve done to theirs with their newfound superpowers (while Android users […]

Google is one step closer to restoring review functionality

We are one step closer to having reviews and responses back on Google! After a two-week suspension of many of their business-focused services due to COVID-19, Google is now allowing business owners to respond to reviews that were posted before the service was turned off. This is a terrific step forward, as it allows WebPunch […]

COVID-19 + Google Reviews Enabled Again!

We have great news! While many Google features are still down due to COVID-19, consumers are now able to leave reviews for businesses again. When a user submits a review, they see the message below. The consumer is then able to see their review on the business’ page, although the review won’t be public until […]

How to Write a Rockin’ Review Response

After much research and real-world testing, we believe that the Review Response Team at WebPunch has perfected the secret sauce of responding to online reviews and we’re ready to share it with the world. Our Team has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years as people have begun to rely more […]

VIDEO: 3 Things Google Can do to Help the Fake Review Problem

Welcome Web Punch Nation. I am Matt Jones, your host. It might look a little different today because I was out taking some photos in Canada this last weekend and I dropped a lens that broke, and I didn’t want to use that for the video. So I’ve got a different lens on there so […]

VIDEO: Getting Negative Reviews from Google and Yelp Removed

How do you get reviews removed on Google and Yelp? That’s the big question people always ask us and we’ve got the answers for you. My name is Matt Jones. I’m your teacher and this is WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management.

Online Reviews: Can You Pass the Test?

Ah, the drudgery of responding to online reviews. It’s something many business owners can easily let slip by the wayside, often not budgeting time for it despite it becoming an increasingly important aspect of every small, medium, and large business.