Set the Stage: Managing a Customer’s Expectations Using Your Online Presence

Picture this: you’re taking that special someone to a restaurant you’ve never been to before, though two of your coworkers have given you their confident recommendations. You search the restaurant online and find a handful of great ratings but without comments. You tap the website button on their Google listing to take a look at […]

Core Web Vitals: Understanding Google’s New Ranking Factor

Google recently announced that they’re going to add a new ranking factor to their algorithm, starting in 2021! This new factor is called Core Web Vitals, and understanding what it is can help your business rank higher on Google Search so that more people see the excellent services you have to offer. We’re always in […]

Google My Business Adds “Black-Owned Business” Attribute

Here in the Los Angeles area, the conversations around racial equality happening in our country in early June led to a groundswell of support for Black-owned businesses. A grassroots-style campaign began to highlight Black-owned businesses by which LA neighborhood they were located in, and I even found a restaurant that I’d been wanting to try […]

Guide to Google My Business Description and Services

  Quick! What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone asks you this question: What is your business known for?” Are you able to articulate the elusive “it” that makes your company what it is? Can you describe in just a few sentences what your business does and really get to the […]

Guide to Google My Business Questions & Answers

Remember the Staples commercial that featured the Easy button? It seems that today’s customers really do want things to be that easy and they don’t want to spend too much time trying to track down a business that suits their needs. They’ve got questions and savvy companies have answers. Wouldn’t it be great if your […]

Guide to Google My Business Messaging

What if we told you there’s a free and user-friendly way for your customers and potential customers to contact your business at any time? No more missed voicemails, no more call-center mishaps—just an easy way for them to get a hold of your company when it’s most convenient for them.

Guide to Google My Business Posts

Google Posts and Your Business Google Posts is one of several new Google My Business (GMB) features that encourages businesses to engage with their customers. If you’re wondering exactly what customer engagement is, you’re not alone. Clarabridge describes it this way:

Guide to Google My Business

Google My Business is just one of countless, free programs developed by search engine behemoth Google that is available to help businesses expand their customer engagement and outreach. It’s such an important and nuanced facet of online reputation and digital marketing that we’ve got our own in-house experts. These experts have come to realize that […]

VIDEO: Matt’s Potpourri of Online Listings

Welcome, my friends and students, to another edition of WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. As always, I’m your professor, Matt Jones. Let’s talk about local listings and how your business is presented to the public when they are looking for them. There are a lot of things going on, this is kind of a […]