How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Well, it finally happened: you Googled your company only to find out that your star rating isn’t as shiny as you thought it would be. There are mixed reviews. There are bad reviews. As a business owner, it’s hard not to see red or feel disappointed when someone has written unsavory characterizations about your company. […]

Downright Scary Review Responses

With Halloween week upon us, the WebPunch team dug up some frightening review responses spotted online that have kept our Review Response Team up at night. While we understand the plight of the businesses who responded in this nightmarish way, these responses fueled our team and are reminders of why we do what we do! […]

Google is one step closer to restoring review functionality

We are one step closer to having reviews and responses back on Google! After a two-week suspension of many of their business-focused services due to COVID-19, Google is now allowing business owners to respond to reviews that were posted before the service was turned off. This is a terrific step forward, as it allows WebPunch […]

How to Write a Rockin’ Review Response

After much research and real-world testing, we believe that the Review Response Team at WebPunch has perfected the secret sauce of responding to online reviews and we’re ready to share it with the world. Our Team has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years as people have begun to rely more […]

It’s Time We Start Responding to Restaurant Reviews

Yelp reports that their second most reviewed category is restaurants, with 17% of the contributed content going towards it,  second only to shopping which garners 21% of reviews on the site. But for some reason, restaurants usually don’t respond back.

When Following up with Customers Goes Too Far

When does following up with your customers go too far? Probably when it’s arguably become some form of harassment, or just downright annoying! Don’t kill your online reputation over one review.

VIDEO: How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Welcome to another episode of WebPunch’s Online Reputation Management School. I’m Matt Jones, your teacher, and today we’re going to be discussing how to respond to positive reviews. A lot of people ask us, “Well, I understand why I need to address negative reviews but why should I respond to positive reviews?” We’re going to […]

VIDEO: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Hello, and welcome to WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. I’m your host and teacher, Matt Jones, and today we’ll be discussing a topic that invokes fear, anger, and sometimes panic from business owners. Yes, we’re talking about negative online reviews. This is a subject that if it’s not handled properly can definitely negatively impact […]

In Your Corner: How to Respond to Reviews on Yellow Pages

We are Rachel Noel and Karin Siccardi and we are part of WebPunch’s Review Response Team. The two of us spend our days responding to online reviews and we are thrilled to be able to share what we’ve learned. Today we’ll be talking about responding to reviews on Yellow Pages so sit back, relax and enjoy the YP show.

The Luxury of Time & Responding to Reviews

I don’t travel much but last weekend I had the privilege of flying to my home state of Oregon for my niece’s wedding (with a fun stop along the way to meet up with some of the WebPunch team in Denver!). Since it was a three-legged flight, I had plenty of time to observe customer […]