Online Monitoring

VIDEO: Online Review Monitoring

Sun Tzu was an ancient general in China who was very successful in battle and he wrote a book called “The Art of War.” Now, you CEOs may look at your competitors as

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Angie’s List is Now Free!

Online Reviews on Angie’s List now visible for Free Angie’s List, the popular website for finding, hiring and reviewing local businesses is now free to join! Since it’s founding in 1995 the service

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The Percentage Of Yelp Reviews Moved Into The “Not Currently Recommended Folder”

Many reviews get placed in Yelp’s “not currently recommended” folder. Yelp doesn’t disclose why reviews get sent to this review limbo land but it can be frustrating to both legitimate reviewers and businesses alike. We were curious so we looked at well over 1,000 reviews in different areas of the country and in different industries to try and get an understanding of who gets their reviews placed in this folder and why that may be. Here is what we found:

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